Kotak Solar Specializes in delivering the cost effective Solar Powered Lighting, Solar Power backup Systems & Solar Hote Water Systemsfor Home/ commercial/ Community Premises. These systems are of high-quality, eco-friendly that solve real-world Lighting problems and bring distinction wherever they’re installed.



Air Cube Solar Lantern

With its soft frosted finish, KotakSolar’s Aircube Solar Lantern is an elegant light for home décor or patio lighting.Its warm, bright glow creates an perfect ambient light. And being lightweight, waterproof and solar, it’s a safe and sustainable alternative to candles.


1. This patented lamp is approximately the size of a compact disc

2. The thickness in deflated form is approximately 20mm making it ultra-portable.

3. The lamp has a Solar Panel with Li-Po battery with 10 LEDs & 3 Light modes – bright, dim & blink

4. The lamp is weatherproof, floats on water and has a rugged PVC Patented Body

5. Simply Squeeze the nozzle and blow air into it as you would for a balloon. The same procedure remains to deflate the lamp.

6. Allow the Lamp to charge under the sun (or even an incandescent bulb) for 5-6 hours

7. Various applications – Campers, Emergency Kits for Civilians & Defense, Rural Areas, Disaster Relief Kits and many more

Product Specifications:
  • Shape: Cube
  • • Material: 100% Frosted Waterproof (IPX-7) made of PVC
  • • Light Modes: Bright, Low & Flashing
  • • Maximum Brightness: 45 Lumens
  • • Lantern Dimension Inflated:95mm(L) x 95mm (B) * 95mm (H)
  • • Lantern Dimension Deflated:95mm(L) x 95mm (B) * 20mm (H)
  • • Solar Panel: 0.6 W
  • • Built-in Li-ion Battery : 3.7 V/1000mah
  • • Working Voltage of LED light need ≥2.6 V
  • • Optimal Storage Temperature: -20°C to 28°C
How it Works:


1. Charge: Charge outside in direct sun for 7 hours. Optimum charging occurs when the light is powered off and the red charge indicator LED is on.

2. Inflate: Gently pinch or bite the valve and inflate your Aircube light.

3. Illuminate: Press the red ON/OFF button to cycle through light settings.

4. Use in All Conditions: Aircube lights are all-weather devices. They are waterproof (IPX-7) and can float.


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Sparkler Deluxe – Solar Led Lantern

4-8 hours of light per day

• Hybrid charging option

• No recurring costs

• High bright LED’s Life ~50,000 hrs

• 30-50% more efficient than CFL

• Sturdy design, suitable for both urban & rural households

• Constant Brightness

• Light in all directions

• Mobile phone charging


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Wonderlite – Solar CFL Lantern

• Portable Lantern with 360° high bright light

• Inbuilt safety for battery protection

• Upto 4 hours of use with one day autonomy

• Approved by MNRE, CPRI, DGS&D, ETDC


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Jumbo – Solar Led Lantern

• LED Lamp for long lamp life

• 360° lighting with uniform illumination

• Antiglare illumination for soothing to eyes

• Built-in protection for long life of lantern


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