Solar Street Lighting Systems

KotakSolar’s street lighting systems are an efficient means to provide lighting where it is needed the most . Solar street lighting systems provide cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation and providing no electric bill for the life of the system. Our street lights have been installed in highways and local roads, apartment complexes, rural villages, railway stations among others.

Every KotakSolar street lighting system comes complete with a self-contained solar power assembly sized to run the specified solar light fixture as per the requirements set by the customer. Our team designs each system by the power consumed by the fixture and available sun provided by the geographical location of installation. The battery backup provides a minimum set autonomy for extended battery life and to take into account local weather conditions.

Solar Street Lightings – CFL Model
Module 2 X 37 Wp or 1 X 74 Wp based on the Configuration
Battery 12V 75 Ah, Lead Acid Tubular Type
Charge Controller Unit 6 Amps with efficiency > 85%
Lamp/Load 4 Pin 11 W CFL
Luminaries Housing Weather Proof with High illuminative acrylic & reflector
Illumination 900 Lumens
Cable 2.5, 2 Core Insulated
Pole Galvanized MS with 4.5 mtrs. Height
Battery Box Powder coated steel
Module Mounting Structure Galvanized MS
Hardwares & Accessories SS 304
Solar Street Lighting – LED
Module 1x45Wp Poly Crystalline Module
Battery 12V 40Ah Tubular Lead Acid Type
Charge controller Unit 5Amps with eficiency >85%
Lamp White LED type, Multiple LED, View Angle minimum of 120deg
Luminary Housing Aluminium cast
Illumination Min 15 Lux when measured from Height of about 4 meter & illuminated over area of atleast 4meter diameter
Cable 2.5 Sq mm, 2 Core Insulated
Pole Galvanized Mswith 4.5mtrs. Height
Battery Box Power Coated Steel Box
Module Mounting Structure Galvanized MS
Hardware & Acessories SS304

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